Long Dashspoon Sourced!

For those of you that have sought out the long-handled dashspoon (0.625 ml.) that I use to stir Old-fashioned Cocktails just before serving them, I have found the maker and an inexpensive seller!  The spoon is made under the auspices of the R.S.V.P. International company out of Seattle, Washington.  They call this spoon the Endurance Contempo Drink Spoon.  It measures a dash perfectly (and so is technically not a barspoon, which measures half a teaspoon or 2.5 ml.), is eleven inches long, and made of 18/10 stainless steel.  It can be found being sold by many sellers at around $10 per spoon, but Kitchen Nook is selling them for $3.95!


I know that some of you were looking for this spoon, so get them at this price while you still can!

4 thoughts on “Long Dashspoon Sourced!

  1. We used to buy these for $3 at a kitchen store years ago before they really caught on in bars — at which point, cocktail oriented stores started selling them at $8 probably to be priced similar to the other spoons. When we went back to that kitchen store, sadly they didn’t have them anymore. They are great for lazy drink making since it takes very little effort to stir without disrupting the ice.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that there were stores oriented to the bittered sling! Just kidding, of course…

    1. I was actually referring to the common, modern over-use of the word ‘cocktail’ – a very specific type of drink (bittered sling). In the 1920’s any drink served ‘up’ came to be called a ‘cocktail’ for exactly the same reason that any drink served ‘up’ in the 1990’s was likely to be called a ‘martini’ – social pretense. SInce the cocktail as a type of drink still exists, and I do pre-prohobition mixology, I kid people about the modern over-use of the word cocktail.

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