A Hot Cocktail

[Above: 1 pint (2 cup or half-quart) saucepan with spouts by All-Clad]

I am sipping a Hot Bourbon Cocktail just now, and appreciating that the weather here in Los Angeles is finally such that it is not a ridiculous exercise!  At the moment it is too delicious for me to bother with a photograph.

Hot Cocktail.  Into a small saucepan goes: 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) superfine sugar, 2 dashes petite bitters of choice, 1 jigger (2 fl-oz.) liquor of choice, and 1 jigger (2 fl-oz.) water.  Stir and heat gently until desired temperature is attained – just less than boiling is best, in my opinion.  Pour into punch cup. Garnish by twisting a mostly-pith-free strip of lemon zest over the drink, rubbing the colored side of it around the rim, and then dropping it in the drink.

Note: If no small saucepan is available, a ‘normal’ sized one will have to do.  Just be aware that the larger surface area it allows the liquid means that unwanted evaporation will occur much more quickly.

Recommended: Hot Brandy Cocktail, Hot Whisk(e)y Cocktail, Hot Rum Cocktail (use Wray & Nephew or Smith & Cross)

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