Crassly Crafted

Here is the old Lemon Hart rum label that I remember fondly:

Lemon Hart (old)

Here is the new Lemon Hart rum label:

Lemon Hart (new)

Why does everything have to be ‘crafted’ now?  The fact that such linguistic appeals to the low-born, sophistication-grasping nature of the targeted consumer works so reliably should be an embarrassment.

3 thoughts on “Crassly Crafted

    1. You make a good point. I have also noticed that the past two re-designs of the Plymouth gin bottle and label has always ended up in higher prices. I was happy with the one I used to get years ago for $19.99. At least the new Plymouth label doesn’t add the faddish ‘crafted’ silliness. That word is apparently hugely expensive to add to a label.

      1. True about the Plymouth. We used to stock it at home when it was $16/750 and $20/1L. The jump to $30 stopped that, and the most recent jump to $36 enforces it. Especially as our tastes buds wanted more flavor instead of a light one like Plymouth. The new Plymouth bottle does cause local bartenders a bit of grief since it won’t fit on a shelf like the rest of the round or square bottles. Luckily, Beefeater has stayed the same.

        I know with Lemonhart that they went through a change of distribution. Which explains their disappearance and later re-emergence with a different label and price. LH80 used to be our house amber rum, and now we’re just saving the last of the bottle for specific recipes.

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