Coming Soon… Willett’s Aromatic Bitters

Willett's Aromatic Bitters

I am finally quite pleased with the results of this effort.  As cocktail bitters, these answer to the purpose of taming the fumatic harshness of any spirit while adding an exotic accent of flavor.  As medicinal bitters, I will leave it to the drinker to discover their pleasant effects.

The botanical ingredients on the label above are listed in the alphabetical order of their Latin names.  Here are their common English names, and parts used, given in the same order: calamus root, red cinchona bark, common cassia cinnamon buds, true Ceylon cinnamon bark, bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, cascarilla bark (cascarilla, the shrub, not the silly powdered eggshell used to fake it by modern pretenders of black magic), great yellow gentian root, nutmeg seed, nutmeg mace, heal-all leaf, apricot kernels, clove buds.

The current batch will be shared out to a select few.  After that it will be a personally-handled, special-order item available in the Los Angeles area, only.

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