Elemental Mixology News – April 23, 2013

It has been a while since I have put up a substantial posting.  I plan to get back to that as soon as possible.

The new bar has been built and Elemental Mixology has completely been moved into it and air conditioning installed.  There are now two drink-making stations to allow for more student-made drinks during each course session.  In addition to plenty of mint and other things, a couple of lemon trees and a Key lime tree have been planted.  I am trying to get some seeds of the legendary Duncan grapefruit.  Failing that, I will try to plant some Marsh grapefruit – or some other variety that has not been bred as bitter-less and blank in flavor as what is found in supermarkets these days.

There will also be more availability for courses.  Given the volume of past requests, the first addition will be the Elemental Mixology Symposium.  That’s the ancient Greek word for a drinking party.  The Elemental Mixology Symposium will be a lightly educational single evening where drinks of all types are tasted, talked about, and some made by any volunteering attendees.  The first Elemental Mixology Symposium will take place in the evening of Tuesday, June 18th.  Check it out at http://www.elementalmixology.com

News: Cushion Subscriptions & Good-bye to the Manor Bar

Today, I will hold the last Elemental Mixology course session at the old location in the house from 1906.  It is, without doubt, the end of an era.  The contractor has virtually completed work on the new Elemental Mixology bar at a new address in the West Adams area of Los Angeles.  In terms of function and space, it will be a clear improvement over the previous location.  In terms of historic charm…. perhaps not.  The bar, back bar, appliances, ingredients and such are due to be moved starting tomorrow.

All of this costs a lot of money, of course.  In the need to raise some money, Elemental Mixology is offering a very few Cushion Subscriptions.  A Cushion Subscription entitles the subscriber to attend any or all sessions of any or all runs of the Standard Mixing Course, the Master Mixing Course, the Ingredient Fabrication Course, the Liquor Stewards’ Course and others for the duration of the subscription.  A one-year subscription will cost $1,800.  Compared to the full normal price of all those courses, this is a huge discount of well over 50%.  Only a very few subscription spots will be available.