The Paradise Theatre – An Elemental Mixology Alumni-run ‘Speakeasy’

I sometimes wonder what sort of trouble my students get into after completing my courses…

Paradise TheatreSingapore Fix

Just this evening, I received an e-mail from one of them, who with his friend (also an Elemental Mixology alumnus) are currently operating a real ‘speakeasy’ in Los Angeles.

I was flattered by the message, the subject line of which read “You created a monster!”  Some of the lines from the message were:

“As it turns out, we were so inspired by the class, and so excited about making drinks, that we decided to try our hand at converting our house in Silver Lake into an illegitimate speakeasy once a week.”


“Flash forward a few months, and I’m proud to report that our little project has become quite a hit.  It’s called the Paradise Theatre…”


“Folks come because they like the Styx theming, and because they love the drinks – something we owe very much to you!  We’ve gotten especially busy in the past few weeks, and it’s just been amazing.  It’s even become a bit of a regular hangout for a good deal of local bartenders after hours, who have even said they can’t get drinks like we serve anywhere else.  Our menu and method of making the drinks is largely inspired by your course, and we really couldn’t have done anything without you.”

But, enough about me!  If you are in Los Angeles, you still have a few weeks to check out the Paradise Theatre.

Here is their Instagram page:

Here is an article written about them:

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