Marsh Grapefruit at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market!

Just yesterday I picked up some delicious Marsh grapefruit from the Mud Creek Ranch people at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market.  Two weeks ago, I got some Marsh grapefruit from another vendor there.  It looks like the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market (not Saturday!) is the time and place to get this heirloom variety that was used in composing the best grapefruit-containing drinks of the 20th century.  Neither of the vendors come to the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, so get there on a Wednesday.  It’s worth it.

The Mud Creek Ranch seems fairly committed to growing heirloom citrus (I recommended they get some Duncan grapefruit budwood).  I also bought a Tahitian pomelo (perhaps the best, most complex-tasting pomelo) and some Italian lemons from them.

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