The Elemental Mixology Citrus Farm

Elemental Mixology is now growing many types of citrus.  Some of the following are already fruiting.  As the fruits are available, they will be used in the courses.  The acquisition of other, especially-heirloom, varieties is underway – such as Citron, Tahitian Pomelo, Seville Bitter Orange, and more.  As of now, the following are established:

Citrus aurantiifolia – Bartender’s Lime (a.k.a. Key Lime or West Indian Lime) – 3 trees

Citrus australasica – Finger Lime (a.k.a. Caviar Lime) – 1 tree

Citrus hystrix – Kaffir Lime (a.k.a. Makrut or Thai Lime) – 1 tree

Citrus junos – Yuzu (a.k.a. Japanese Citron) – 1 tree (troubled)

Citrus latifolia – Persian Lime (a.k.a. Tahiti Lime or Common Lime) – 3 trees (2 as rootstock)

Citrus limon ‘Eureka’ – Eureka Lemon (a.k.a. Common Lemon) – 4 trees

Citrus limon ‘Femminello’ – Italian Santa Teresa Femminello Lemon – 1 tree

Citrus mitis – Calamondine (a.k.a. Panama Orange or Musk Lime) – 1 tree

Citrus paradisi ‘Duncan’ – Duncan Grapefruit – 3 seedlings (hopefully true to fruit)

Citrus paradisi ‘Rio Red’ – Rio Red Grapefruit – 1 tree (probably as rootstock)

Citrus ponderosa – Ponderosa (a.k.a. Ponderosa Lemon) – 1 tree

Citrus reticulata ‘Satsuma’ – Satsuma Mandarine – 1 tree

Citrus sinensis ‘Navel’ – Navel Sweet Orange – 1 tree

Citrus sinensis ‘Sanguinelli’ – Sanguinelli Blood Sweet Orange – 1 tree

Citrus sinensis ‘Valencia’ – Valencia Sweet Orange – 1 tree

One thought on “The Elemental Mixology Citrus Farm

  1. Andrew, This sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see the new facility. Ill book in to some courses when I get back from Europe. Chat to you soon Chris

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