Drink of the Day – The Press Fizz

Today’s drink of the day might come as much needed variety to those who have made, or had, a few hundred New Orleans Fizzes (a.k.a. Ramos Gin Fizz), and not many others.  It is the Press Fizz.  An early recipe for it can be found in A. William Schmidt’s 1892 book, “The Flowing Bowl.”

Being accented by absinthe, containing grand bitters and based on rye whiskey, this should be a post-shift, reviving favorite of bar-tenders – if only they knew about it.

Make it.  Remember that Fizzes aren’t supposed to be long-sipping drinks.  Finish it within a few minutes.  Enjoy every bit of this very aromatic punch before it goes flat or warm.

P.S.  When the absinthe and bitters are left out, it becomes the Sitting Bull Fizz.  Some may prefer that one.

20131004 - Press Fizz

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