Andrew’s Orchard Syrup – By Special Order

Andrew's Orchard Syrup 001a

Feeling that I have found the optimal processing temperature and reduction point, I am preparing to make a full batch of my orchard syrup.

Each 12 fl-oz. bottle will cost $24.  That is expensive, but this syrup contains the richness of many pounds of apples per 12 fluid-ounce bottle.  Most apple juice sold in the U.S.A. these days comes from China, but these are 100% domestically-grown and juiced.  The juice has not been stored in plastic, and neither is the orchard syrup.  Of course, the only ingredient in this syrup is the apple, itself — no added water, sugar or acid.

I feel that this is the best orchard syrup or cider syrup or boiled cider that I have ever tasted.  Make an Apple Cocktail with 4 dashes apple bitters, 1/2 fl-oz. of orchard syrup and 2 fl-oz. plain vodka stirred through ice and strained.  It will ruin all who taste it from ever ordering a “Pucker” Apple’tini again (if anyone even still does).  Gourmands will probably prefer the Superjack Cocktail — made the same way, but with straight apple brandy instead of vodka.

This item will not be shipped.  Buyers must be able to pick up their bottle in person in Los Angeles.  Allow one week for procurement and cooking time after your purchase.  It can be ordered here:

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