Scarcity News: Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy

Laird's Straight Apple BrandyAs many of you have undoubtedly noticed, Laird’s bonded Straight Apple Brandy has become hard to find.  I contacted Laird’s and they informed me that it is out of stock, due to increasing demand.  They also told me that they are bottling more before the end of this month (January, 2014) and that it should be regularly available again in California in mid-February.  Considering that the product as it is now is aged three years, and that demand is increasing, let us hope there will be enough for a while.

There is no substitute for this bottle.  Not wanting to have to resort to using lower proof Calvados apple brandy, or Laird’s blended applejack instead of their excellent straight applejack (a.k.a. straight apple brandy), I searched for, and found, plenty of bottles still in stock in various liquor stores.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, the best bet as of now is probably the Total Wine & More store in Northridge.  Yes, it’s a long, valley trip — but, they had an entire case gathering dust above the same product’s labeled-but-empty spot on the shelf.  Of course, I was directed to Laird’s blended applejack first.  I indicated that I was not interested in applejack-flavored vodka and that their website indicated a healthy supply of straight applejack/apple brandy on hand.  As we strolled the isle (I in my frustration, her in her confusion), I saw the full case up high.  Each of the bottles that I took from that case cost me $27.99.  That, plus the trip, made me yearn for the $23.99 I was used to paying for this from K & L Wines in Hollywood.  Sweeter still is my memory of paying only $18.99 per bottle years ago at Beverage Warehouse.  But in times of scarcity, one does what one must.

My applejack needs through February are now securely hedged!  There are still enough bottles of it there that if you go right now, I feel your need will also be satisfied.  Just check the stock online for the Northridge Total Wine & More, first.

One thought on “Scarcity News: Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy

  1. When I requested it at my rather good neighborhood store, they opened the catalog and there was a gap between regular applejack and the 7.5 & 12 year. I think there’s one store in town that has it though but for a lot more than the $18 I was paying for it ($25+ I think). It’s been that way for several years since most of Massachusetts’ stock goes to bars/restaurants. We have it at work and I could probably buy it off my boss. I’m still working off the bottle I got in NYC.

    A lot more distilleries are making apple brandy these days but none that I have tasted have that whiskey barrel bite. And few have that rich apple note perhaps due to distilling to too high of a proof.

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