Drinks of the Day: The Mississippi Punch and the Mississippi Sour

Today’s drinks of the day are the Mississippi Punch, and the Mississippi Sour derived from it.  These drinks, especially the sour, are always great favorites in the Elemental Mixology Standard Drinks Course.  It is far too good a drink not to post.  This drink comes from before the time lightly-flavored, short-ferments and highly-distilled rum was ever produced.  That means that to get the original flavor, no Spanish-speaking rum should be used — unless it is Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, a yet-traditional rum from Venezuela.  I prefer Wray and Nephew White Overproof in this drink for its excellent presentation of the traditional flavor that used to be associated with all rum.  Use any good brandywine, or Cognac brandy.  I like to use a bonded, 100-proof Bourbon whiskey in this, as well.  I suppose that my ultimate combination of liquors in this would be Ferrand ‘1840’ 90-proof Cognac brandy, Old Fitzgerald bonded Bourbon whiskey and the Wray and Nephew.  If you want to make the sour with a full pony (1 fl-oz., or 30 ml.) of lemon juice, I would advise using a tablespoon (15 ml.) of fine sugar.

I don’t mean to belabor the point, but you really should use Wray and Nephew the first time you make this drink.  I also recommend starting with the Mississippi Sour.  If you like it, make a bowl of Mississippi Punch for your next party.

Here are the recipes from my book:

Mississippi Punch & Sour

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