Cocktail Chef

As I prepared for a course session this past weekend, I was listening to KCRW.  As the Good Eats program came on, I thought, “I’m going to change the station because something in this show always irritates me.”  But, I decided to give it a chance.

Then I heard a certain someone being introduced as a “cocktail chef.”  Puke.

He used the lime shortage as a threadbare pretext to launch into an oversimplified, somewhat mistaken, mostly-folkloric exposition of his alleged knowledge of history the Sazerac Cocktail.  Groan.

He also suggested using grapefruit as the sour element in drinks in absence of limes.  Shock.

I know that it is common for small children to confuse sour and bitter flavors.  But, traditionally, grapefruits were sweet and bitter.  Modern grapefruits tend to be just sweet.  Either way, there is  less acid (and sour flavor) in a grapefruit than in an orange.

Sigh.  What can be expected from anyone that would have himself introduced as a ‘cocktail chef.’  I think that ‘bar creature’ would have been more appropriate.

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