Drink of the Day – the Rye Ginger Sling

The spiciness of the Rye Whiskey compliments the ginger so nicely.

Today’s drink of the day is a new drink that I created, but that is old at heart – the Rye Ginger Sling. The one above was excellently made and photographed by bartender and Elemental Mixology alumnus, Wade Hammond. You can read his post about it here.

Some of British persuasion have since the 19th century bastardized that most famously American genre of drinks, slings (which includes true cocktails, a.k.a. bittered slings), into that genre of drinks most beloved by Englishmen, punches, by adding lemon juice. I cannot help that. But, I don’t have to emulate it.

The earliest of slings, in the 18th century colonies that would become the U.S.A., were nothing more than liquor, sweetened, diluted and aromatized by spice — almost universally nutmeg. The drink of the day today is just my reworking of the traditional American sling with ginger root instead of nutmeg.

Of course, any base spirit could be made in to a ginger sling. I have enjoyed many a Gin Ginger Sling. A Jack Ginger Sling with straight applejack (Laird’s bonded) is also nice. But rye whiskey plays well here, too. So, here they are, the Rye Ginger Slings (if you find them too sweet, try using just a teaspoon [5 ml.] of sugar instead):

Rye Ginger SlingHot Rye Ginger Sling

3 thoughts on “Drink of the Day – the Rye Ginger Sling

  1. A beautiful drink, Andrew. And what a gorgeous photograph, Wade.

    We miss you in class, Wade! I hope to get a chance to see you in the Nipjoint before the Professor departs for distant shores in foreign lands.

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