Drink of the Day: The Jewel Box Cocktail

Crux and Jewel Box

Today’s drink of the day is one of my own — the Jewel Box Cocktail. I made this for Elemental Mixology Alumna and friend, Anne-Louise Marquis — and all of the good folks she brought to the NipJoint for a private class a few days ago.

The Jewel Box Cocktail didn’t take much thought or work. I took the 1890’s Bijou Cocktail from the Waldorf Hotel as a starting point. That one was based on Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge (an orange-flavored brandy liqueur) and is modified by an equal part of dry vermouth wine. I maintained the proportion between those two ingredients, but scaled them down to make them both work as modifiers to Pisco brandy — actually Kappa Chilean brandy, in this case.

Here are both — the Bijou Cocktail and the Jewel Box Cocktail:

Bijou Cocktail a la Waldorf

Jewel Box Cocktail


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