Using Bad Bitters

Using Bad Bitters

Over the years I have ended up with a lot of imitation bitters and bad bitters. I consider any ‘bitters’ made with glycerin instead of spirits to be imitation. I consider any bitters to be bad if their flavor is inferior — or, if they lack the bitterness needed to remove the sensation of alcoholic harshness in a true cocktail.

I will never use imitation bitters or bad bitters in any tipple that I want to serve or drink. I have no interest in packing them up and taking them north.

Then a solution occurred to me for getting the most use out of all of these products…

Today I emptied all of the above-pictured products down the drain. That freed up the bottles (and their dasher inserts) to be stripped of their labels, washed and set aside for the students in the Ingredient Fabrication Course to use to take home the peach bitters we will be making.

Waste not, want not!

P.S. – Since posting, I found a bottle of Elmegirab’s guess at Boker’s bitters and a couple of bottles of things by the San Francisco Diego bitters company. All of that stuff went down the drain to free up the more valuable empty bottles!

4 thoughts on “Using Bad Bitters

  1. Wow! I wasn’t at all surprised by the Fee’s Brothers bottles, but the two Bitter Truth ones were surprising. Their products are normally very good, though I’ve admittedly never tried the two you have in the photo.

    I was suckered into the Regan’s like many folk – mainly on the advice of Ted Haigh, but Angostura put that baby to rest.

  2. Hello Rob,
    Many Bitter Truth bitters are pretty good. Their so-called lemon ‘bitters’ were a bust and failed to be actually bitter, in my opinion. Their ‘aromatic’ bitters always seemed like an unsatisfactory compromise between Swedish bitters and Angostura aromatic bitters.

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