Drink of the Day – the Creole Cocktail

Today’s drink of the day is the Creole Cocktail. The word ‘Creole,’ both originally in New Orleans, and still in contemporary French, refers to a person who is exclusively of European, ‘white,’ ancestry, but that was born in the colonies. Old books about Creole New Orleans dwell greatly on the connections to, and maintenance of, pure French and European ancestry and culture. ‘Creole’ is much the same word as ‘criojo’ in Spanish. In contemporary American usage, ‘Creole’ tends to refer to the mixing of creole (in purely the original sense) culture and ancestry with African culture and ancestry. That the modern American meaning of the word has been twisted it to mean something fundamentally against its original meaning probably has more to to with the historic politics of ‘passing’ in a racially-segregated society than anything else. Today’s drink is old enough to be from the time when the word would have mainly called up this vision of racial purity found in an advertisement from a 1920 edition of Life magazine wherein stands the text “The Creoles are of pure French and Spanish descent”: Life - 1920 - La Creole The Creole Cocktail has a lot less connection to the people or culture one might assume based on the use of the word today. Furthermore, it’s name is a word that was used at the time of the creation of the drink as one of the many verbal tools in delineating, and maintaining, racial hierarchy. It still is a pretty good drink — especially if you happen to like absinthe. Just be aware of the history. Here is the drink (click on the image to enlarge it):

Creole Cocktail


2 thoughts on “Drink of the Day – the Creole Cocktail

    1. I agree. I had already up-dated it for the upcoming edition of the book. I just now up-dated the post with the recipe.

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