Alumni News!

Elemental Mixology alumnus and friend, Greg Bryson, is featured in the current (April 2015) edition of Tasting Panel Magazine.

Greg is currently the beverage director at the Wallace in Culver City and is doing a great job of making great drinks to match their great food. It is really satisfying for me, personally, to see Greg recognized for his talent and skillful combination of traditional American mixological principles with forward innovation.

I was also honored that Greg mentioned using the Elemental Mixology book as his ‘bible.’

I recommend getting a copy of Tasting Panel Magazine and reading the feature for yourself. Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area, stop into the Wallace and have Greg make you something special!

One thought on “Alumni News!

  1. Congratulations, Greg. Very deserved recognition.

    Also, let me say on behalf of myself (and I’m sure other fellow E.M. alumni): Thank you very much for the “shout out” you gave to Andrew in the interview/article. Also very deserved.

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