4 thoughts on “The New Elemental Mixology Classroom

  1. @Cartoon Bird: an online version would rob you of most of what makes his classes such a treat for the mind. Besides which, you haven’t taken an EM class properly until you’ve had Andrew – or half of the class – correcting your pours or critiquing your shake.

    Congratulations, Andrew. It looks so much roomier and more spacious than LAX. I’ve missed you and your classes a great deal, and even though it was small, I’ll always remember JeffPark very fondly.

    I should catch up with you in due course, as I’ve been beyond swamped with work and other dramas that precluded my attending your “concentrated” week-long Master course. I couldn’t think of a better way for me to be introduced to Portlandia.

    You’re often in my thoughts, especially when I pull out the tins.

    PS: I’ve noticed many of my local Thai “supermarket” suppliers carrying the same tetra-packs of Aroy-D 100% coconut milk in both 250ml and 1L containers. ($0.90 and $3/each respectively). If you’re paying scalper’s rates for that stuff, don’t. I’m happy to ship you a case.

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