A Taste of Things to Come –Two Teaser Pages

Greetings to all!

I am a little bit excited about the project I am working my way through now. I hope that it might be useful as a ‘behind the stick’ resource for a few people who have asked about the prospects of an Elemental Mixology app for use while making drinks.

It might also over time become a way for people to learn something about mixological tradition even if they will never be able to attend an Elemental Mixology course.

What I am referring to is a ‘studies’ section of the Elemental Mixology website that will give descriptions, basic forms, and selected specific drinks for every genre, sub-genre and family of tipple (a word for alcoholic drinks that is playful without violating the traditional meaning of the word ‘cocktail’ — imagine how much better and honoring of the old tradition  Tipple Tales would have been over Tales of the Cocktail).

Elemental Mixology alumni will understand what a large undertaking this is.

In the meantime, here are two teaser pages:



Some of the links and buttons already work and others do not. Feel free to explore. I will be posting news of the completion of the tipples section of the website as soon as it is done.

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