Elemental Mixology Mixing Stock Pages Being Added


For those that have not noticed it, I have been adding pages to the website giving the liquor products that I like to work with during Elemental Mxiology courses.

I have gotten through the geist spirits. Any thing after that is still under construction, but the Elemental Mixology Mixing Stock page already contains a lot of information worth looking at.

Keep checking back!

One thought on “Elemental Mixology Mixing Stock Pages Being Added

  1. Trader Joe’s in Southern California sells the Wild Turkey 101 for $17.99/750ml bottle. It’s reliably the best price outside of crazy one-off deals in the area.

    Given that Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond jumped $2 (to $15.99) at Mission Liquors, it’s no longer such a deal. After side-by-side tasting the two, I share your preference for the Wild Turkey.

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