Vintage Glassware Haul


Here is one positive consequence of the fact that most so-called ‘craft cocktail’ bar-tenders and enthusiasts are followers in the herd of BarSmarts-educated coupe users: I can usually walk into any Goodwill in Portland and find pre-prohibition specification glassware.

In Portland — where mixological mono-culture seems especially severe — neglected, absolutely-traditional glassware is gathering dust in thrift stores.

Who the f*ck cares that coupes are rare in Portlandia’s Goodwill stores when you can find authentic [from left to right, above] cocktail goblets, daisy goblets, sour goblets, cordial goblets and eggnog goblets?

Let us hope that the non-diverse, coupe-kudzu, bar-borg don’t catch on until those of us in the know have sniped all the low-price gems like these!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Glassware Haul

  1. Indeed.

    I’m still finding many useful glassware in Los Angeles thrift stores. The hipsters have made it relatively easy, after all.

    In addition to a 50+ piece set of “star” patterned glassware (sour goblets, highball tumblers, and two other shapes in a set along with pitcher + other bits + bobs), I’ve just recently found three different sets of 5-5.125 ounce sour goblets, to wit:

    (Yes, there are two cocktail goblets bringing up the rear as well in this photo. There were four of those “Autumn” patterned goblets that were nice enough to acquire, despite my normal preference for completely plain glassware generally.)

    All of the above were $1/each of course. (Prayze be to Hipsters and their Coupe-Lusts!)

    PS: Please don’t savage me for those cut-glass goblets. They’re unusually heavy and sturdy, unlike every other sour goblet I’ve found in the wild. These can be my “daily grind” glassware and survive dozens of passes in the dishwasher, unlike most of my others.

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