Test Your Knowledge – Take the Traditional American Mixology Test


After much work and a lot of double-checking, I am happy to say that Elemental Mixology’s Traditional American Mixology Self-Test is up and running.

This 100-question test is totally anonymous and no score is calculated. It is available only as a private way for someone to check the knowledge against traditional, American mixology.

This is not an easy test. It also contains the results of some very up-to-date scholarship. If you are an Elemental Mixology alumus or alumna and any of the questions fail to make sense to you, feel free to send me a request for clarification.


New Year’s Day Citrus Bounty!


This morning, as I arrived at the NipJoint (the Elemental Mixology bar), I discovered a little key in the mailbox. That key opened a parcel box a few feet away. Inside was a package from a coreligionist and friend in the Los Angeles area. Inside that package was a bounty of citrus. Most of it is citrus that I would not ever be able to purchase fresh from any source in Oregon.

Thank you, Rob!

There was a big bag of Seville bitter oranges! This is really a very nice thing to have. Palmetto Punches will be made during this weekend’s class sessions. That should leave enough to do some more Palmetto Punches within a week or so, and then to make up some authentic ‘al pastor‘ marinade can it or freeze it.

I am pleased that two Fred Meyer locations in Portland (west Burnside and northeast Glisan) carry Marsh grapefruit in their commercial season of winter. But, I was really happy to find some Marsh grapefruits in this generous box that are not already mushy and too sweet.

I am also really looking forward to playing with the oranges from Swaziland!

Thank you, again, and happy new year, Rob!

Happy new year to all of you!