Thoughts on The Mixellany Guide to Vermouth and other Apéritifs by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller

Mixellany Guide to Vermouth and Other Aperitifs


The book is long-winded on people, places, years and book titles.  That said, it almost-criminally neglects Absintium Romanum (translated in the 1800’s as ‘Roman Vermouth,’ an aromatized wine recipe that is much like vermouth wine) in the seminal ancient Roman cooking text, De Re Coquinaria, attributed to Apicius.

The book is far-too brief on production methods for my liking.

The book contains a good list of botanical ingredients (with the failure to italicize their Latin binomial names).

It presents a fairly-extensive list of apéritif products – but without any sort of distinction being made between aromatized wines and grand bitters.

Tasting notes for the products are included, which may help those without direct experience of them before they buy.  The tasting notes for some of the products covered in the book are culled from other sources, such as the Wine Spectator.

The sourcing of the drink recipes at the end of the book, and the modern glosses on their mixology, are about what I expected them to be – no better, no worse.