Serendipitous Libbey #8475 Find!

Libbey Citation Sour 8475 Auction

I walked into a thrift store in Portland on Saturday and found seven Libbey #8475 5.5 fl-oz. sour goblets (not the case pictured above). I bought all of them for $0.99, each! Until about 2010, I used to find those fairly commonly in thrift stores down in big, bad Los Angeles. Unlike then, I am not going to broadcast exactly where I found them here!

Libbey discontinued this wonderful sour goblet in the mid1980’s. They should certainly bring it back!

Fifteen Libbey 8475 Citation Sour Goblets Obtained!

The auction just ended and I can break secrecy.  Plus, I cannot resist gloating!  Satisfaction is mine in the matter of an auction of fifteen of Libbey’s long-discontinued #8475 five-and-a-half-fluid-ounce Citation Sour goblets!  That’s a case-and-a-quarter.  My stock had dwindled to just three of them and I had withdrawn them from use by students.  Today’s acquisition means that I will be returning this classic vessel to regular use during Elemental Mixology courses.  Death to the coupe!

Libbey Citation Sour 8475 Auction 20140403

Libbey Citation Sour 8475 Auction