2016 Version of the Elemental Mixology Tool Kit

Here it is: the 2016 version of the Elemental Mixology Tool Kit.

I am pleased to announce that by getting lucky with finding some of the key items at much lower cost (but not at lower quality), I was able to cram more items into the current kit without having to raise the price. I don’t know how long all of the items will be available at the current prices though. If you want one, purchase it now!






Auction Item Found: 1902 Champagne Tap with Gimlet and Cleaner

I have one in very good condition, already.  For anyone still searching, there is one Champagne tap not yet bid on that I found that still includes the original gimlet and cleaner.  For those of you who have tried to use a Champagne tap without the gimlet to bore the hole, you will understand the value of a properly-sized gimlet!:


Libbey 8475 Update

Libbey 8475So, I got a response from Libbey.  I was told that there would have to be an order of at least 80,000 pieces (more than 2,000 cases) for them to bring back their best sour goblet ever, #8475, Citation Sour.  I asked if they got a single order of at least 80,000 pieces for #8054 (‘Georgian Irish Coffee’) that prompted them to bring that one back last year.  I was told “Yes.”

Libbey #8054 in 1973

Last year, I noted that Libbey had re-introduced their #8054, which they called a Georgian Irish Coffee goblet, and that it was actually more valuable as a general-purpose goblet to avoid the drink-warmer that is the coupe.  For historic amusement, here it is from their 1973 catalog, with the same model number — but offered as a beer or fizz goblet:

Libbey 8054 1973

Libbey Citation Sour #8475

Libbey 8475

This goblet was Libbey’s Citation Sour (#8475) and I am pretty sure it was discontinued during the mixologically-bad, old 1980’s.  They have kept their smaller “Whiskey Sour” (#3775) available.  The problem is that if you make a sour from 2 fl-oz. of base liquor, plus lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white, it just won’t fit into the little, 4-1/2 fluid-ounce #3775 after shaking.

I only have three Citation Sour goblets left.  I want Libbey to bring back the Citation Sour #8475.  Its capacity is 5-1/2 fluid-ounces, so it can hold a full-sized sour — and will keep it colder longer than any coupe of the current, image-driven fad.  Those concerned with image should know that #8475 looks more like a classic sour goblet than any coupe — or even the smaller #3775.

Many of you who have taken my courses will remember that Libbey’s Citation Sour #8475 is my favorite true sour goblet, and that sours look very elegant and classic in it.  If you would like to see Libbey produce another run of it, send them an e-mail message (info@libbey.com) and let them know — please!

Let The Good Times Roll

Sometimes one doesn’t feeling like crossing the house to get to the bar.  Sometimes there is no room at home for a proper bar, anyway.

Good Times Cart

I call this my Good Times Cart.  The name was inspired by the Good Times Coach of the 1890’s (itself the inspiration of the Good Times Cocktail, which our benighted modern ‘mixology’ calls the orange-bittered, olive-garnished Dry Martini).

Good Times Bag

For going farther afield, I have my Good Times Bag.  It is just an old-fashioned leather doctor’s bag with a water-proof liner that is filled with what I need with which to make my own prescriptions.