2016 Version of the Elemental Mixology Tool Kit

Here it is: the 2016 version of the Elemental Mixology Tool Kit.

I am pleased to announce that by getting lucky with finding some of the key items at much lower cost (but not at lower quality), I was able to cram more items into the current kit without having to raise the price. I don’t know how long all of the items will be available at the current prices though. If you want one, purchase it now!






Auction Item Found: 1902 Champagne Tap with Gimlet and Cleaner

I have one in very good condition, already.  For anyone still searching, there is one Champagne tap not yet bid on that I found that still includes the original gimlet and cleaner.  For those of you who have tried to use a Champagne tap without the gimlet to bore the hole, you will understand the value of a properly-sized gimlet!:


Libbey 8475 Update

Libbey 8475So, I got a response from Libbey.  I was told that there would have to be an order of at least 80,000 pieces (more than 2,000 cases) for them to bring back their best sour goblet ever, #8475, Citation Sour.  I asked if they got a single order of at least 80,000 pieces for #8054 (‘Georgian Irish Coffee’) that prompted them to bring that one back last year.  I was told “Yes.”