Portland ‘Cocktail’ Week


Thank you to all of you who attended class sessions here at Elemental Mixology during Portland ‘Cocktail’ Week!

It was a lot of fun to run something of a shadow week to the official happenings.

There are ten spaces available in the Annual Craftmasters’ Course next year at Elemental Mixology during Portland ‘Cocktail’ Week 2016. They will go to the first ten people who purchase them — so, don’t delay once you know you will be in Portland next year!

There are also the travelers’ courses, also!

Cheers to old friends and everyone new I met in the last week! Have some happy holidays!

Rare Liquors Tasting Added!


A Rare Liquors Tasting has been added to the Elemental Mixology calendar for the afternoon of Saturday, October 17th.

This is a chance to taste forbidden fruit in the form of liquors not sold in the U.S.A.

That’s also the first day of Portland ‘Cocktail’ Week, so you out-of-towners traveling for PCW should consider it — along with the Advanced Craftmasters’ Course taking place in the off hours that same PCW week.