Serendipitous Libbey #8475 Find!

Libbey Citation Sour 8475 Auction

I walked into a thrift store in Portland on Saturday and found seven Libbey #8475 5.5 fl-oz. sour goblets (not the case pictured above). I bought all of them for $0.99, each! Until about 2010, I used to find those fairly commonly in thrift stores down in big, bad Los Angeles. Unlike then, I am not going to broadcast exactly where I found them here!

Libbey discontinued this wonderful sour goblet in the mid1980’s. They should certainly bring it back!

Libbey Citation Sour #8475

Libbey 8475

This goblet was Libbey’s Citation Sour (#8475) and I am pretty sure it was discontinued during the mixologically-bad, old 1980’s.  They have kept their smaller “Whiskey Sour” (#3775) available.  The problem is that if you make a sour from 2 fl-oz. of base liquor, plus lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white, it just won’t fit into the little, 4-1/2 fluid-ounce #3775 after shaking.

I only have three Citation Sour goblets left.  I want Libbey to bring back the Citation Sour #8475.  Its capacity is 5-1/2 fluid-ounces, so it can hold a full-sized sour — and will keep it colder longer than any coupe of the current, image-driven fad.  Those concerned with image should know that #8475 looks more like a classic sour goblet than any coupe — or even the smaller #3775.

Many of you who have taken my courses will remember that Libbey’s Citation Sour #8475 is my favorite true sour goblet, and that sours look very elegant and classic in it.  If you would like to see Libbey produce another run of it, send them an e-mail message ( and let them know — please!